Property Management and Sales on Bald Head Island

Comprehensive Care for Your Bald Head Island Property

Small enough to care, big enough to handle the job

  • Property maintenance
  • Rental management
  • Personalized service

All seamlessly integrated to give you peace of mind

Guest Relations – You need to have a guarantee that someone will take care of your home/unit and your renters. Our rental offices are located on Bald Head Island and staffed by a handful of dedicated BHI and Southport locals who all share a love of Bald Head Island. We provide 24-hour phone access for you and your guest. We will make your ferry arrangements, and schedule tram service to your home/unit. Transportation reservations should be made as soon as you are aware of your schedule, including on island transportation as well as getting to and from local airports. With our years of experience and local expertise, we can answer any questions about the BHI- Southport area. Contracts for your home are emailed promptly after the renter makes the reservation, with the option of e-signature for added customer convenience. We pride ourselves on quick response to our property owners and guests.

Additional Services Offered through our Concierge:

  • Gift Baskets
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Reservations for Dining, Golf, etc. (on or off island)
  • Valet Parking
  • Operation’s Manager – The operation’s manager will handle the following:
  • Repair/ Work Order
  • Housekeeping for you and your guests
  • House inspection before renters arrive and after they depart
  • Landscaping and exterior maintenance

The average fee for cleaning is $225.00 During the time you or a personal guest are vacationing and need cleaning or freshen-up services, feel free to call our office to set this up.


Guests staying in your home will receive a welcome notebook including; a personalized one-page color brochure outlining the specific details and charms that your home has to offer, maps of Bald Head Island, important phone numbers and websites, things to do and places to see on the island, and incentives for future vacations in your home. Bald Head Island Vacations utilizes several portals to market your property on a world-wide level:

Your home will be promoted on our website: We are utilizing an advanced online reservation system that allows web viewers to check availability and reserve your home directly online in real time. Monthly newsletters keep past tenants in the loop of Island Happenings and offer incentives to keep them coming back to us year after year. Social Media presence is also important in this day and age, therefore we have a strong connection with FaceBook and Instagram users and utilize the outlet to generate an even larger audience for your home. We have additional marketing options available such as listings on HomeAway, VRBO, and AirBnB. which can be added to your custom Property Management Package to suit your home’s needs.

Rent Collected

All rents shall remain in a Trust account with Lynnbrook. until dispersed. Disbursements shall be made by the 15th of the following month. Each month along with the disbursement you will receive a statement showing any adjustments. You will receive an invoice every time we have a request or issue that we need to address to you. You will have the option on maintenance repairs, to have suppliers paid out of Owner dollars or billed directly to you.


As a homeowner with Bald Head Island Vacations, you can expect exceptional service and prompt attention for both you and your guests. We strive to be the best property management company on the Island and appreciate the opportunity to prove that our team will go above and beyond to ensure that you’re satisfied.

See what the team at Bald Head Island Vacations can do for you by calling (910) 368-3250 or email us

Property Care

As fellow homeowners on the Island, we understand what it takes to keep up with the maintenance of homes in the sandy, salty, subtropical climate of our beautiful barrier Island. Bald Head Island Vacations has an office and warehouse with laundry facilities adjacent to the Maritime Market that is fully stocked and staffed to provide each of our homeowners with superior property maintenance care.

We will inspect and clean your entire property from top to bottom. We have a detailed list to check all appliances, plumbing, lights, etc. to ensure everything is clean and in good working condition. Our housekeepers sweep and wash all floors, vacuum rugs and carpets, remove stains when needed, clean stove/oven, toaster, coffeepot, dishwasher, refrigerator, check dishes and utensils, keep drawers and cabinets clean, sanitize all sinks and counters. Bathrooms receive a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of every surface, including bathtubs, showers, toilets, sinks, mirrors, ceiling lights, and fans, floor vents, blinds, light switches, and doorknobs. We spot clean doors and frames, fireplaces, window sills, patio furniture, grill, blow walkways and decks, pick up any yard debris, spas, pools, and everything in between, using a check list to ensure consistency each time. We utilize a team of trained and trustworthy staff so that vacation rental turnovers are no problem and you can be sure your guests will walk into a beautiful vacation home. We provide year-round service and can customize to meet your specific needs and even provide emergency hurricane preparations. Whether you need full-time service for your vacation home, or occasional cleanings for your private residence, we can accommodate your needs in an affordable and timely fashion.