Ferry Information

Your Guide to Ferry and Tram Services on Bald Head Island

Deep Point Marina 1301 Ferry Rd Southport


  • Passengers are encouraged to purchase ferry tickets and make reservations in advance of travel through the website or the mobile app.
  • Arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to your planned travel and proceed to the lower level of the Deep Point Terminal to drop off luggage prior to parking.
  • Reservation passengers boarding at the designated date and time of your reservation, please proceed to the “Reservations” boarding area.
  • Passengers without reservations or traveling outside of their reserved date/time will board through the “General” boarding area. General boarding passengers will be boarded on the next available ferry (a minimum of 50 general boarding spaces are available on each ferry departure).
  • Please have your party together in the boarding area prior to boarding.
  • Please have your ferry ticket(s) available for scanning in either printed or digital form when boarding begins. If your party is boarding at the same time under the same reservation / ticket, only one passenger is required to present the ticket for scanning.
  • Please follow all crew instructions throughout the boarding process and while embarked on the ferry.
  • Please be advised eating, drinking, and pets are not permitted in the passenger cabin.
  • Pets are allowed on the exterior areas of the ferry.
  • Smoking and alcohol are prohibited at all times and in all spaces.
  • Upon arrival at Bald Head Island follow the signs for tram assignment if you made a tram reservation.
  • Once you have a tram assignment, gather your party and your baggage and proceed to your assigned tram for transport to your accommodations.