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Property Care

As fellow homeowners on the Island, we understand what it takes to keep up with the maintenance of homes in the sandy, salty, subtropical climate of our beautiful barrier Island. Bald Head Island Vacations has an office and warehouse with laundry facilities adjacent to the Maritime Market that is fully stocked and staffed to provide each of our homeowners with superior property maintenance care.

We will inspect and clean your entire property from top to bottom. We have a detailed list to check all appliances, plumbing, lights, etc. to ensure everything is clean and in good working condition. Our housekeepers sweep and wash all floors, vacuum rugs and carpets, remove stains when needed, clean stove/oven, toaster, coffeepot, dishwasher, refrigerator, check dishes and utensils, keep drawers and cabinets clean, sanitize all sinks and counters. Bathrooms receive a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of every surface, including bathtubs, showers, toilets, sinks, mirrors, ceiling lights, and fans, floor vents, blinds, light switches, and door knobs. We spot clean doors and frames, fireplaces, window sills, patio furniture, grill, blow walkways and decks, pick up any yard debris, spas, pools, and everything in between, using a check list to ensure consistency each time. We utilize a team of trained and trustworthy staff so that vacation rental turnovers are no problem and you can be sure your guests will walk into a beautiful vacation home.  We provide year-round service and can customize to meet your specific needs and even provide emergency hurricane preparations.  Whether you need full-time service for your vacation home, or occasional cleanings for your private residence, we can accommodate your needs in an affordable and timely fashion.


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